Website Hosting

Website Hosting

In today’s age of hackers, Denial of Service attacks, IP spoofing, email spam, it is more important than ever to find reliable Web Hosting Provider.  But what’s more important, is your web hosting service provider should be available to respond to your questions and concerns!

This type of response works best when your hosting provider is local.  That is what Apex can offer you – local website hosting, whether you or your business are located in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph or Woodstock!

In our State of the Art Data Center, your website is protected from hack attempts, email spam and other attacks meant to take your website offline.  Our data center uses backup up generators, a business class firewall with extra security, remote monitoring 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and more. Our Data Center is fully maintained, climate controlled and offers the highest reliability at a reasonable and competitive price!

So before you decide that the only hosting you are going to find is in the big city, ask yourself one question:  Does that large, perhaps multinational, web hosting company have your individual needs in mind?  Can they respond promptly to your concerns over your web hosting? Or do they expect you to submit a ticket that they will get to “some time” whenever it is convenient for them? Remember you are a phone call away with Apex Marketing!

Instead, consider your local web hosting service provider Apex Marketing.  Where our services were designed, and implemented with our local customers in mind.  Click here to read more about our data center and the services we provide.

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